by Backbone



released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Animal Records Paris, France

"La musique est animale son instinct est sauvage"

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Track Name: L'Appel de la Forêt
Don't be afraid
Trust me Don't be shy
Take my hand and close your eyes
I'll take you to dance
you're afraid of the dark but this place is so gorgeous
I'm here for you, I'm all yours.
I'll be there for You

And I draw out my fears on this shee(t) things that might never be
And im fee(ling) so ashamed that you dont recognize me
But I try to fight to get away from this mood
But i would love to follow your steps and make up new experiments

Humm I follow my way
Huum i follow your way

Think about all the things you can
You’d better break your chains if you wanna be free
Selfish, barefaced you’d better learn instead if you wanna be brave
Everything is up to you if wanna be free if you wanna be chainless
You’d better make good choices
Choices are the only things we have
Without risks we’re nothing don’t move freeze do something you can be proud of
Trust your heart about things you will face
About walls you will break
About dreams you will live
Think about all things you can
So take the risk act face
And shut the fuck up
Track Name: Southern Wedding
The smile on your face
When I think about your face
I don’t wanna see other things
than The smile on your face

I don’t wanna pray
Cause you’re now part of me
Your soul runs into my blood
I don’t wanna die no

Dreams in your eyes
Are alive and so lovely
I just can’t think of other things
Let me fall into your void

I smile when you move
I’m so proud
I can feel it in all my senses
I cry and I pray when I Think
That you’ll leave me alone
It’s a nightmare for my soul
I’m feeling so good
When I look into your eyes
I don’t wanna be a (euh) trouble

Time flying away
When you’re on my way
Got the feeling “no gravity”
No chains and so many feels

You are my prophecy
Got no words when you smile at me
My words are so free
And with you it’s so easy

I’m gonna leave it this way
I’m gonna dream
And if I can
I’ll try to live and I’ll try to dream
But I’m gonna live [leave] anyway

And if I think of your touch
And dream it if I can
And if I trust in your touch
I’ll dream it if I can

Dream live dance
oh When you’re touching my lips and you’re touching my soul
And I try and I try with you with you
To feel free instantly

All my time In your arms
I can feel closer to you
Get me closer to you
All my time In your arms
I can feel closer to you
Get me closer to you
Track Name: Universe
Girl, it's easy
You're The solution to my life
You and I it's so lovely
I find you in my head and my soul

you've never cried my name
you've never felt my sorrow
I'm gonna leave my doubts
And find away to start new again

I feel no gravity
With no chains and no limit on the highest peak

I feel so free
Without any fences
And i got only one desire

And now the mystery of the universe is solved
Represented by you and nothing else matters [madeuwrs]

And now the mystery of the universe seems soLved
Every question’s faded away in front of you

And I knew when I saw you
How EVERYTHING is shaped
I knew that only love creates and that is all
And now we’ve got to deliver that secret preserved so long

You are the answer
You are the mystery
You are my gravity

Darling darling you are my soulmate
You and i will shine (shayne) for lifetimes (layfetimez)
I am gonna live (leave/deLiver) your (yer) sensuality (senchualidy)
You and i will shine for lifetimes
Track Name: Milwaukee
I can see few things sounds like unreal
do do dolphins (in) trees are riding ocean of leaves
While im walking grass shoes off feeling ocean
Search my endorphins by leave the past behind

I try to find my feels by exploring my north
Enjoy my ride by things that exciting my own
Renounce all my fears with untouchable time
Search my endorphins by leave the past behind

Feel down go away

I have an abstract vision which impact ( in) my concrete
Wind crosses waves and i can see my futur
I give my soul to the sea until the end of wind
Search my endorphins by leave the past behind

I can hear the sound of universe
Copy of its picture through a sea of sands and shells
Thrills emotions sounds taste of my visions
Search my endorphins by leave the past behind